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Good Morning, Class

13 Oct

I’ve been considering this project for a while in all sorts of forms and permutations.

The fact is that last year, for the first time, I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment of my very own. I’m excessively lucky to be the only one in that apartment — no roommates, no parents, no one to bother about a refrigerator full of experiments and a sink full of filthy dishes. Thusly have I discovered that

  1. I love to cook,
  2. I’m not a terrible cook,
  3. Cooking is more fun than going out to eat, and most importantly
  4. Without my lunchbox, I am nothing.

That last I learned with this previous school year, which involved a hundred-mile round trip commute to my full-time university schedule and a secret double life as a working theater actor. Consequently, I spent the majority of my waking hours hungry, impoverished, and away from home, with an extremely limited amount of leisure time left over between my bed and my car every morning and night. Under these military-level high-pressured circumstances, I quickly developed my one and only superpower: the Lunch Reflex.

I cooked magnificent portions of everything. I carried mountains of food everywhere I went. I mapped out refrigerators and microwaves at every daily destination. I even spent weekends pre-packing tupperware full of protein, veggies, and quinoa. Most telling of all, the first day I let myself off the hook and bought lunch, I involuntarily ran the calculations in my head: I could roast a chicken and buy three heads of lettuce for the cost of one measly chicken salad. Damn.

It’s official: I am a Kitchen Evangelist and Lunch Box Crusader for life.

…Now, about this blog. I considered doing something straight up project-oriented: take a picture of my lunch everyday (boring), commit to never going out to eat for an entire year (impractical), never repeat the same lunchbox content twice (are you insane?!), but for various reasons, none of those seemed sustainable. I know myself too well, and with the looming specter of this next school year to think about, such commitments are more pressure than I need. Besides: I don’t just cook lunch, and I don’t always cook specifically for lunch. I usually cook for dinner. Actually, I usually cook several dinners at once over the course of one afternoon. And now that I think of it, what about Sunday breakfast? Can I really compel my own silence on the glories of fresh pancakes? I say nay. I cry it false and unjust to do so. On the other hand, the lunch reflex is strong with me. In my months of trial and error I have earned some hard-won secrets of self-sufficiency that I can’t just keep to myself, but (like most bloggers, I suspect), I just don’t know enough people who are as fascinated by my lunch tricks as I am. Strange but true: the majority of the population does not find homemade vanilla lattes in pint-sized mason jars as adorable as I do.

So with all that said, consider this blog as a general-cooking-notebook-with-a-lunchbox-slant. Here you will find my secret weapons of the workday, but also my favorite all-day pot roast recipes, my unusual fascination with homemade yogurt, my tempestuous love affair with kale, and my thrilling exploits with a cast iron skillet (spoiler alert: bacon!).

Thanks for visiting, and don’t be shy! Let me know what you like, what you want to see more of, and what you know more about than I do — I have much to learn.